Space Hackathon 

Vom 5. - 7. Juli 2019 organisiert das ESA Business Incubation Centre in Kooperation mit der Stiftung für Medizininnovation Tübingen und der Universität Tübingen einen Hackathon zum Thema Health-Care an der Universität Tübingen.

Das ESA BIC Hessen & Baden-Württemberg ist mit zwei spannenden Use Cases dabei. Mitmachen lohnt sich!

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Unsere Use Cases


Cell and tissue analysis with polarization camera

LuxFlux GmbH deals with innovative camera technologies that make the invisible visible. As part of the hackathon, our startup will provide a polarization camera equipped with a Sony chip. More information about the concept are provided here.

The camera will be available for the hackathon with a lens, but can also be connected to a microscope (if available).

In the hackathon, images from the polarization camera will be evaluated. An open source interface is provided so that the raw data can be accessed very quickly. These raw data are to be evaluated, processed and visualized.

The polarization principle makes the course or alignment of fibers very visible. With suitable cell or tissue samples, prototypical applications can be tested during the hackathon.

Countless applications of medecine and biology are waiting for you to try them at the hackathon! 


High-precision positioning data

The next generation of the Android operating system (7.0) is called Nougat and provides access to GNSS raw data with a new version of Google's Application Program Interfaces (APIs), which provides more flexible and deeper access to positioning data. By analyzing this data in detail, newer smartphones can be used as high-precision measurement devices.

But how can they be used profitably in the healthcare sector? What applications are conceivable using this high-precision position data? We would like to hear from you as part of our open Use Case. Over the weekend, experts from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences will show you how the raw data can be analyzed and used. Deciding what can be developed for the healthcare system is up to you. There are no limits to your creativity!