Baden-Württemberg is the most innovative federal state. There is a reason that our state slogan is: "We can do anything. Except High German". Our region is in Southwest Germany, and it is characterized above all by its university and industry-oriented research and boasts a high number of technology companies, as well as a diverse academic landscape. The region has one of the highest densities of engineers, scientists and technicians in all of Europe and is thus the number one region for innovation. The R&D share of our GDP is far above average.

The study "Satellite Navigation in Baden-Württemberg: Status Quo and Potential" was published at the INTERGEO 2015 international trade fair. "Most companies are satisfied with Baden-Württemberg as a technology location," said Dr. Wolfgang Epp, CEO of the Reutlingen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which carried out the study. Only technology companies with many years of experience in satellite navigation were surveyed. Most of them are active in the fields of mobility and logistics, construction, and geodesy. However, the companies also see potential in other sectors, such as the leisure sector.

At the 2016 INTERGEO trade fair, it was once again emphasised that the progress of digitisation cannot be achieved without geoinformation: "It is the young entrepreneurs, the creative minds, those who accept no limits and push boundaries, who will lift the treasures. Open Data has long been more than a "philosophy". Geodata is regarded as the key to digitisation and to an economic world 4.0, and is a more relevant topic today than ever before.

Rainer Schrode, MTS Maschinentechnik Schrode AG (Hayingen), Dr. Carsten Günther, Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH and bwcon, Hartmut Gündra, geomer GmbH (Heidelberg) and Dr. Stefan Engelhard, IHK Reutlingen. Source: IHK
Rainer Schrode, MTS Maschinentechnik Schrode AG (Hayingen), Dr. Carsten Günther, Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH and bwcon, Hartmut Gündra, geomer GmbH (Heidelberg) and Dr. Stefan Engelhard, IHK Reutlingen at the presentation of the study. Source: IHK

Satellite Navigation Initiative Baden-Württemberg

The central contact in the state is the Baden-Württemberg Connected e.V. association, or bwcon for short. The bwcon "Mobility/SatNav" working area brings together companies and research institutions from the fields of application-oriented satellite navigation and mobile IT.

In order to tap into the economic potential of satellite navigation, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs first launched the Satellite Navigation Initiative. An important element of the initiative is the networking of local and regional responsibilities and initiatives existing in the state, which is now carried out by bwcon. First, the Galileo Forum Baden-Württemberg was founded in 2006 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which was staffed with representatives from science and industry to accompany the initiative and advise the Ministry. In 2011, bwcon worked in the "Forum for Application-Related Satellite Navigation and Mobile IT Baden-Württemberg e.V." (SatNavMIT), which was founded in 2008 and for which the city of Constance was responsible.

The companies and research institutions involved will now benefit from a merger under the umbrella of the Baden-Württemberg IT Network Society, as satellite navigation overlaps with the other main topics of bwcon. With over 600 companies and research institutions, bwcon is one of the largest German network organisations in the field of information and communication technology.

Based on this strong information and communication technology cluster, the association works in every economic sector of Baden-Württemberg. Satellite navigation technologies can also be quickly and competently adapted to new fields of application.

In addition to creating a network for the players in satellite navigation, the state initiative also created the office of the European Satellite Navigation Competition for Baden-Württemberg in 2007. This office is located at the Institute for Knowledge Management and Knowledge Transfer (IHK-IWW) of the CCI Reutlingen. The office is also the operator of this homepage. Furthermore, joint research projects such as navka came from this initiative. This demonstrates and applies how the use of many different sensors increases the accuracy, kinematics and reliability of positioning in industrial projects.

Aerospace Forum Baden-Württemberg

The Aerospace Forum Baden-Württemberg e.V. was founded in 2000 to represent the interests of the space industry. The forum acts as a network for partners involved in industry, science, and politics and aims to pool the efforts of the high-tech industry and to initiate collaboration between companies, service providers and research institutes. This will make aerospace into a topic of public interest and support its performance. A Galileo working group for satellite navigation was established in 2007.