How to Take Part in the Idea Competition

In general, the prize is awarded to an individual or a small group. You can, however, accept the prize for a company or a research institution. Submit your proposal to the database at by 31 July. You may revise any details until the deadline.

Please carefully select a special prize for which you apply and, as a participant from Baden-Württemberg, please select the prize accordingly. This will give you the chance to win the lucrative special and state prizes. If you are primarily interested in this state prize, you are welcome to enter your contribution in German. Please use the English entry forms.

Your proposal, German or English, will be judged by the Baden-Württemberg jury. The team of experts receives all proposals without personal data to guarantee fair judgement. The organizers also guarantee complete discretion. All jury members will be notarized and commit themselves to secrecy.

As a participant in the country, you will also benefit from services specially tailored to your needs, such as support in patenting, marketing and financing.     

Thinking About Patenting

All data entered is protected against unauthorized access by third parties. The persons and experts entrusted with the evaluation of the submitted proposals have agreed to keep the data strictly confidential. Only at the award ceremony in Munich will the award-winning proposals be made public in consultation with the winners (only!). In this case, we recommend patent protection, otherwise the publication will void all legal claims. You will receive support from your Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This offer is not only addressed to the winner but also to all other participants.

Despite all efforts to keep the contents of submitted ideas strictly confidential, the organizer of the Galileo Masters does not assume any liability for damages that may result from the accidental disclosure of parts of the idea.

How to Participate

You will find a more detailed explanation of how to register under "How to participate".