The Galileo Masters

More and more companies in Europe and the world are developing applications that use existing satellite navigation systems for positioning. The European Galileo system contributes to securing this investment and opens up further technical possibilities in all areas. With the help of Galileo satellites drivers, mobile phone users, and rescue services will be able to access better navigation data in the future.

However, there is still a great deal of potential in this area. In order to promote new developments in this dynamic market, the Application Center, GmbH in Oberpfaffenhofen, organises the idea competition "Galileo Masters" (formerly ESNC).

The prize is awarded to innovative application ideas in satellite navigation. The competition is aimed at companies and research institutions, universities, start-ups and individuals who have innovative ideas and concepts for satellite technology. You are invited to submit your satellite navigation application ideas.

The focus is not on the completed end product. What is required are original ideas, new approaches, and pioneering achievements in the field of satellite navigation.

Each of the participating countries will hold its own preliminary competition, the so-called "Challenge". In the "Baden-Württemberg Challenge", attractive prizes will be awarded independently of the overall competition. In addition, all participants from Baden-Württemberg are actively supported in the marketing, financing and protection of intellectual property.

The overall winner from more than 20 regions worldwide will receive a cash prize of 20,000 euros. In addition, a platform for the international exchange of all experts and participants will be organised within the framework of the representative award ceremony. At the national level, the award ceremony will take place in November. Take advantage of these opportunities to make new contacts and promote your idea!

It's worth participating!